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The Very Absorbing Facts Concerning Aerodynamics

“Aerodynamic stability is key for any driver to have confidence in their car on the track,” says David Brabham, sporting director, Brabham Automotive. “Whether it be under braking, while cornering, or exiting the corner, if the car is consistent and predictable then the driver can really explore their limits. The BT62 is one of the most stable and predictable cars I have ever driven.”

The Brabham BT62 is a mid-engine track day car produced by Anglo-Australian car manufacturer Brabham Automotive.

The Brabham name is synonymous with extreme high performance and advanced vehicle dynamics. Nowhere is this more evident than in the aerodynamics of the BT62. Designed to balance form with function – great looks, brilliant surface performance and incredible levels of downforce – the BT62’s aero treatment provides outstanding on-track performance.

The car is relatively lightweight and has a combination of elements – front splitter, end plates, turning vanes, flat underfloor, rear diffuser and rear wing – that work together to sculpt an efficient path through the air. The vortex rooster tail shown during a wet run of the test car at Donington Park, England, reveals the effect better than any wind tunnel could!

One of the keys to its performance is grip and aerodynamics. That comes from a two-headed, but singular, conundrum that every serious sports car faces – balancing downforce vs drag perfectly.

Downforce uses nature to help the car by directing airflow to push the car into the track, enabling far better grip and stability. Drag is the tendency for air to slow the car down. Vehicle aerodynamics is all about managing airflow to provide the downforce and cooling that you need while allowing minimal drag.

The Brabham BT62 has numerous design features aimed specifically towards these ends.

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